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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Slow Bake, Fall in Love with SL Music Again

Lovin the cooler weather!    Showtime is noon!!!! 
I love the nice chill in the air, taking walks around my home irl and in Second Life.   Even amidst the palm trees, late September is porch and walking weather, and yes even football weather - but don't let that stop you from tuning in today, noon to 2PM SLT (PST) for the best in SL music from your favorite singers and musicians across the grid.   I've rolled them up into one two hour show on Sundays.  It's called Slow Bake. I'm your dj and music guide, Sonicity Fitzroy, and my hostess is Belinda Barnes -  join us for another episode of 'Soni and Bel' in Mad City!  My focus this week, 'falling in love' songs!

Sonicity Live

Slow Bake and Sonicity air exclusively on SL Live Radio, Sundays.   Join us live in Mad City at our newly renovated studio. 


Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Swinging and SL Singing - Slow Bakin on Sunday's

 Heya, Soni here with another edition of Slow Bake.   Just chilling to some SL tunes at my my little beach getaway. I like to mentally prep here before I take my show on the grid.  Most recently, Slow Bake streams out of Mad City from SL Live Radio's studios.   My hostess Belinda is recovering from the Irma blast last week, and so I don't know if she will make it today.   My heart goes out to all those impacted by the hurricanes as of late.   Check the local events sections of SL and IRL for how you can help.  
Today's show begins at noon, and runs through 2PM with the best of SL singers and musicians.  Join us at Mad City for another edition, to help get your mind off of real life, at least for while. Take care, and hope you can pop in for a bit, and see the Mad City improvements as well as our SL Live radio studio upgrades.
Slow Bake DJ 'Sonicity' at the recently upgraded SL Live Radio studios in Mad City!

Chillin' and Swingin' at home, gearing up for showtime!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

SL Live Radio's New Mad Pea Location

Overview of Mad Pea MadCity
SL Live Radio's new location in Mad Pea
Mad Pea renovated, and then so did SL Live Radio!   The station is still located near Draxtor's World Makers, and our studios have been nicely upgraded!  Come see for yourself the new look for Mad Pea Mad City, and while you are there visit the radio station.

I'm excited about streaming from the new location on Sunday.  As you know, Sundays' are for Slow Bakers, noon to 2pm SLT;  that's when you can hear the best in SL music streamed from SL Live Radio throughout Mad Pea.

The show Slow Bake features SL musicians on SL Live Radio, rolled up into 2 hours of music and conversation (about the SL music scene) with me Sonicity as your DJ, and Bel as my hostess.

Hostess Bel and 'Slow Bake' DJ Soni
DJ Sonicity Fitzroy
Inside SL Live Radio's studios
Belinda's ready for another edition of Slow Bake on SL Live Radio!
Bel's jumps in the driver's seat to spin a few records!

The Facts!

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Books and Beats - Reflecting on the SL Scene

 Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with my Second Life because of my annoying real life.  I am sure you know what I mean, if you have invested any quality of time in-world.  There are some things that run concurrently through both worlds for me - books and beats!   I have written and read far less since I moved West, but what has kept me sane has been music!   Even when I have little time for anything else in SL, I hangout at a virtual venue and listen to the amazing SL talent!

So here I am again, this week, getting ready from the little studio behind my beach condo on Book Island, listening to some cool jazz streaming through the villa.    In a few minutes, I will be hosting my radio show once again  - a mix of talent from all over the world broadcast through the stream of SL Live Radio!  See how to listen at the end of this blog!   Hope you can join me.  By the way, at the same time as my show, book island has some cool gatherings to inspire writers!    I would be there if I could, but it's nearly showtime.

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

SL Live Radio studios at Mad City (unless otherwise stated),

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Fever on Slow Bake

Sonicity at SL Live Radio's station located in Mad Pea!  "I am not afraid of no eclipse."
Back with my show in time to feature music on the theme of Monday's solar eclipse!
I have been looking for songs that align themselves along this line, from the mysteries of the moon. Mother Nature, and everything in between.  Some songs that come to mind - Gina Stella's 'Under the Same Moon,' Harry Frychester's cover of 'Moondance," and The Follow's 'Love Eclipses,' just as a start.

So let's have a solar eclipse party in-world Sunday at noon, until 2pm SLT, mostly featuring SL musicians, singers, and a few extra like the amazing Jenny Johnson, who actually wrote a song "Solar Eclipse" and released a EP dedicated to the town of Makanda, right there at the epicenter of it all, and it boasts that viewing will be the longest in their small town in IL.

Here are a couple of links:

I will also be playing many of the regular favorites from SL artists as well, who sing their hearts out on a nearly daily basis night and day, regardless of what is going on outside in the so called real world.

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

SL Live Radio studios at Mad City (unless otherwise stated),

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Travels, Real and Virtual, Let the Music Play On

Summertime fun in the virtual sound lab!

Hiya again.  I'm ready to roll again in Second Life.   It's been awhile, but all good things must come to an end - or must they?    Here's my latest travels this summer - inner and outer worlds.     I had some good times this past month, from California to Illinois to NYC and to Arizona, and then back to the Bay Area.  I actually was on the studio set of Good Morning America, waving in the audience. The studio is located in Times Square.
Setting up for a performance - yeah cool! 
I missed my show, and my SL friends, but upon returning, I have made some Sansar friends.  I have my toe in the creative sands of Sansar, just attempting to wade deep enough so I stay afloat.    I have been thinking alot of what I want to create there, and definitely I want to establish a live music presence in both SL and Sansar, and perhaps every VW, right? 

I am also back to writing again about VR and VWs, mostly academic, but I plan to return to my old journalistic musings, reporting on what's trendings related to virtual culture.

I went back to my Sound Lab project (pics above) to inspire me, and I will soon be back streaming regularly.    I want to freshen up my sounds, updating my playlist with any new releases.

Other than that, life is good!   How about you?     You will hear from me soon enough!  Check in next week, and I will let you know what's up.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Daddy's Day! Slow Bake celebrates Your Daddy!

 Happy Father's Day!   I will celebrate with lots of songs about dads and by dads, and anything I can also loosely construe as representative of Father's Day!     Heck I will celebrate the Sailor in all of us, with some sailor talk #*!## I learned from Dad! 

Prepared to celebrate Dad every which way in SL at Mad City!  

Slow Bake broadcasts live from SL Live Radio's headquarters in Mad City

Radio Hostess Belinda Barnes (left) and DJ Soni (right)

The specifics!

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

SL Live Radio studios at Mad City (unless otherwise stated),

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Backpacking!

This summer, when you go on those beach picnics or special summer vacations, you definitely do not want to forget the music!     Likewise, I've come prepared with a backpack full of SL music especially for you this afternoon!

As we do, every Sunday noon to 2PM SLT (PST), I have brought the music, and all you have to do is bring your music appetite!

Here are the details! 

Listen to Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

SL Live Radio studios at Mad City (unless otherwise stated),

 *             *                    *

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back From Family Business!

Do you remember that song 'Take the Long Way Home' by Supertramp.    Wow it just came to mind.  So that is what I did!    I probably could have returned home and to SL sooner, but I decided to smell every flower on the way back!    Sorry, but I did miss listening to SL music.

Today, every song I played sounded better.  I guess I needed a long break!

So here's my story for being gone so long.  I went back to Illinois to watch my oldest daughter graduate from college , and she also released her latest album a month prior.    Her latest album has to do with the town of Makanda, IL, also the site of the forthcoming solar eclipse.   It is the best viewing site, and she will be performing on location!   Anyway, here's a link,

 If you are a regular of Slow Bake (Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT), you likely know I play SL musicians, with one exception, I will play my kid's music!    Its Americana, and much of her music fits within the sound of the show.   Plus she is an indie musician, just like everybody else I typically play during my show!

Well long story short, I am back.   See you again next SundayI am going to download her latest tracks and sprinkle them through next Sunday's show - along with the regulars of Second Life who play their hearts out and make the live music scene vibrant!     I have tried to get her to be part of SL, and she agrees there are talented singers and musicians here.   It's just too weird for her.  LOL.  

Maybe one day!   For now, I can play her music among our SL mix, and justify that I am playing talented indie artists who generously give of their talent and time in-world, for many of us would not have the opportunity to enjoy such talent in RL.     Thanks to the SL music scene and all that goes into it for making this possible.

Today, Belinda joined me for my return at the transmitter town on top of our SL Live Radio studio in Mad City.    Along with her, our friend Ramos and the GM of Meshworks Samantha Ohrberg (a.k.a. Baby Doll) spent the day with us!

Wonder Woman make a special appearance as well.  Next time, I hope to see  you there for Slow Bake.

Meanwhile, listen to SL Live Radio anytime on their stream.

Listen to Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.

SL Live Radio studios at Mad City (unless otherwise stated),

 *             *                    *

And if you are feeling like you need a break, consider taking the long way home!  It is worth the journey, just be sure to return to us!

- Hugs Soni

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Personal Break! Slow Bake on Hiatus

Ever have one of those seasons, where everything hits at once - I'm in it!   I actually got so busy they cleared my land!  In Second Life, a few days can make a big difference! 

So between this and that, and my personal work, I'm taking a short break and will be back soon with your SL tunes!  I will scout for new recipes (songs).  I have been waiting for some new artists and albums to debut.

Remember Slow Bake streams on SL Live Radio.   So when I am not live, their stream is always active, 24/7 with the best contemporary mix music from the U.S., U.K., and world.

My show only focuses on SL musicians!  I believe our SL talent needs to be showcased, and for that reason I will be back soon enough.   May flowers brings Slow Bake hour.

If you are new to Slow Bake, browse back through the blog.  See what you have missed, and what will be back soon, but only better.  We only get better.  :)

Belinda, my hostess, says hello, and look for her digital art on Facebook!

Kara, our favorite SL blogger, keeps you updated.   Check out her SL Adventures!

Peace out!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

It Starts Again!

Renewal!  Shake off the Winter Blues!   Spring is Monday.  Today's theme is Be Happy as we welcome baby birds, blue skies, and butterflies into our world again!

Slow Bake Hostess 'Belinda'

Harry Frychester, Effinjay, Josie Anderton, James Olmos (AE), TerryLynn Melody, SaraMarie Philly, Strum Diesel, and so many more.  Finding the 'happy' in all these SL musicians and many others too numerous to mention.  If you listen weekly, you know, I have collected quite a few songs, and now I am sorting them out via happy themes (well it's worth a spring try)!   See you on the happy side of the rainbow!

Soni's back at Mad City in the SL Live Radio headquarters, broadcasting globally across the virtual horizon, the music of your favorite singers and bands on Slow Bake!

Slow Bake airs every (nearly) Sunday, noon to 2PM SLT, with my host Belinda Barnes and good friend entertainment blogger Kara Trapdoor.

Kara, Soni & Bel, Mad City Bus Stop!

Listen in a multitude of ways!

I really need to add some Spring color into my wardrobe!

       #                  #                       #                  # 
Listen to Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Extra Extra! Belinda's digital art is being exhibited at Nimue Photography.